Couchtribe is a social mobile app featuring Channel & TV program reviews. Its core purpose is simple: bring people together to discuss their favorite TV shows, say something about a certain episode typically airing at the moment they’re hooked on the show and they reach for their phones. It encourages ‘couch potatoes’ to share their opinions as they watch, to rant if they don‘t like how the story is progressing, to rave how engaging the show is as the plot thickens. Additionally, it features top and trending local shows in realtime, serves as channel guide, and keeps track of TV activities and so becomes one’s personal TV diary!


We have been working for Couchtribe Inc. for quite some time now. They are a group of tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who have initially put pieces together for this Couchtribe project then partnered with us. It is not surprising that most of them are self-confessed “couch potatoes.” Some are into watching all sorts of American TV series, some into cooking shows, some into documentaries, and some into reality shows. They must be people of vast interests who were possibly brought together by a common goal - to give the remote control its new buddy. And we know exactly what that means!


One of the founders was kind to share to us how the idea of Couchtribe began. That time she was watching Dog Whisperer, fond of the English Bulldogs she then thought to tell some faraway friends-that-are-not-really-friends to see for themselves how fun these dogs can be and share, “Hey, I told you these dogs can be great for families too! Watch how Cesar Milan teaches the dog to behave. You’ll be amazed!” But oh, she had to put which channel, what’s the episode title, then she had to find an agreeing army, who’s watching too, who else gonna rate the episode 10, then she wants to discuss more about it, then she had to emphasize it’s 7:00 pm on her timezone and it’s airing now! Ha, she needs an app for this! One that lets her share instant thoughts while the rest of helpful info pulled out and told. She looks into Appstore, there was GetGlue but for some reason, it’s just not right. She wants something that feels home or “local.” And so the rest of ideas were put together... Couchtribe was born.


From the very beginning, we knew Couchtribe will be a lot of exciting work. We started by gathering more client input. We helped with the branding and the overall planning. We started with prototypes to help us define project goals and agree on solid features. Some of our people researched for ways to get accurate local TV channel listings and schedules. With handy lowfi prototypes, our technical team was able to draft a Rails-powered backend. The creatives continued to think of out of the box interactive features, work on the graphics and hi-fi prototypes while developers translate the designs into a working mobile app. With Titanium Appcelerator, we were able to quickly put the ideas into life and improve the project milestone by milestone. According to client, the app now has the feel they are looking for. As of date, Couchtribe is still in the works. As much as we are excited, we and client have agreed not to reveal more than what we presented here yet. Stay tuned then.




“Our ideas were so blurry at start. Fortunately, this team does a great job listening to our needs and coming up with creative content and solutions. They have surpassed our expectations. They rocked our world with their professionalism. We are proud to have them as partner and we are delighted with the decision of working with Limechalk for years.”

the executive team @ COUCHTRIBE INC.