We see the corporate jungle from where we sit.

We don’t work there...

We don’t work at a Metropolitan setting nor at the center of a Philippine-based congested business district where the ‘9 to ’5 has its place. We used to see that from a distance though. We would go and meet there sometimes but most of the time, we want our office to be where it (somehow) still feels like home. And that’s usually where the bulbs above our head would light, brightest!

Our workplace may not have all the fancy perks some blue chip corporations can offer (or we’re not there yet). We work at a place so relaxing we can just be ourselves, where we can breathe fresh air, where we can focus more during our personal peak hours, where it can compliment our working style, and most importantly where it can cater to our 24/7 food tripping. Hey, we can be mobile sometimes too.


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Limechalk’s HQ is nestled at one of the finest villages in Pasig City, Metro Manila, PH. It’s a very pleasing work environment, well-guarded by an elite canine force. It’s just 15 to 30 minutes taxi ride from the CBD, from the hassles of EOD traffic and obscure city noise.

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