Hello, We’re Limechalk.

We are a different kind of digital creative agency on a mission to execute ambitious ideas through beautiful and astoundingly compelling digital experiences and products across web, tablet and mobile devices. We are a close-knit, agile collective of goal-driven thinkers working in harmony, constantly striving for perfection, armed with game-changing insights, excited by new and unique ideas, motivated by the love for what we do.

Our strategists, visual designers, and UX specialists are experts in delivering useful, elegant and world-class solutions to a wide variety of business challenges. Our developers are masters of many but are never afraid to find and work with the best technologies for every business need. We crave for challenges. We explore and work together to achieve great results and we have been doing it since 2009.


User Experience Design

Visual Design

Web App Development

Mobile App Development

Brand Identity

Consulting & Training


You may think we’ve got the magic to create great apps BUT every outcome of our work is NOT Hocus Pocus. While perfomance is always reliable, our team is also backed by a proven process that keeps every project in the right track. What follows is a brief summary of the life of a project here at Limechalk.

1. Discovery & Planning

It starts with a conversation between our team and yours. We discuss the basics, your vision and the business you do. We brainstorm and establish goals. We become an extension of your team rather than just solution providers, rather than mere salespeople.

2. Design

This isn’t only about aesthetics. It is when we bring together an architecture, a prototype that explains workflow, features, and functionalities. It is when we carefully craft significant pieces of visual stuff, making sure every detail gets the proper attention.

3. Development

Our development phase is iterative and test driven. We put a premium on clear and precise communication so that everything is done in a transparent manner and you’ll know where the project stands at any time.

4. Go Live!

This is the part we hit the launch button for our release candidate (the project’s first live implementation). Technically speaking, it is when we start to move things from staging to live servers.

5. Monitor & Grow

Surely in the end, our apps do what they are designed to do. But unlike several one-and-done chop shops, we build lasting relationships. We work tirelessly to make our end product a success as we watch how the world receives it.

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Ok, if you’re not into reading all the blurbs above, let’s translate those into a better picture.

For a complete Limechalk solution, here’s how we break down each project into phases.

  • graph-showning


  • design-graph


  • Writing


  • Development



The artisans, detail freaks, agile advocates who keep an eagle eye on every project and standards at Limechalk.

KRIS HUGO, creative director

“No matter how complex a project may appear on the surface, we will make sense of it. We do not just create pretty designs, we design for the user experience. Our work is more than just eyecandy. Everything we produce shows our passion, creativity, and expertise.”

KRIS HUGO, creative director


“We maintain a disciplined project management process, transparency from the top down. You’ll always know why, when, and how we’re doing things. Whoever talks to you, works with you and is directly involved in your project. And that makes us different.”



“At Limechalk everyone has a voice, everyone has ideas, everyone contributes, and everybody is valued. Our collaborative process is built with kindness and respect to one another and is made more fun by the mutual love for what we do. These culture and values made us a stronger team and as result, we create great!”



It has been our pleasure to work with amazing people, startups, small businesses, and corporations worldwide.

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