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Bezambee (the webstore) is an online shop for an indie clothing brand eager to introduce uniquely and creatively designed tees inspired by several interests including geek culture, gaming, technology, character parodies, humor & sarcasm, self expression, causes, animal welfare, arts, and more.


Couchtribe is a social mobile app featuring Channel & TV program reviews. Its core purpose is simple: bring people together to discuss their favorite TV shows, say something about a certain episode typically airing at the moment they’re hooked on the show and they reach for their phones. It encourages ‘couch potatoes’ to share their opinions as they watch, to rant if they don‘t like how the story is progressing, to rave how engaging the show is as the plot thickens. Additionally, it features top and trending local shows in realtime, serves as channel guide, and keeps track of TV activities and so becomes one’s personal TV diary!



PodNod is a mobile app under social networking genre that helps people in getting trusted advice about their purchases, shopping, outfit, or almost anything that asks for a Yes/No. It comes with a cool workflow - beginning from a simple capture to receiving nod/nah responses from friends anywhere.


The rest of our projects are hidden in the archives for contractual reasons. If you'd like to see more projects and know more about the kind of work we can do for you and your business, contact us.

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